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Staff Status

  • Rest: Farnsworth
  • Available: Beam, Smith, Myers, Villone, Proctor, Rivera


Bullpen Status

  • Rest: Villone
  • Available: Beam, Myers, Smith, Proctor, Farnsworth, Rivera

Efficiency, Bullpen, Nixon

A day off! Well, the Yankees are in trouble for the first time this season. They are one game below efficiency, with the back of their rotation facing a good Indians team in need of a sweep. It’s not the end of the line, but that sweep by the A’s hurt – a lot. If we had even taken one game, we would be fine…now it might be a bit rough. Efficiency calls for 2/3 against Cleveland, meaning we stand at strong risk of being (-1).

  • Rest: (Farnsworth)
  • Available: Small, Smith, Myers, Villone, Proctor, Rivera

If the White Sox are likely to pick up Dye’s option, that leaves us with only one backup pick for RF: Trot Nixon (32), of the Red Sox. I know, everyone is going to rail at me, but Nixon is a fine player and a good hitter, and would help this team. Like anyone else, I’d rather see Cabrera, but I feel compelled to give a backup pick so there you have it.

Thanks for pointing out that Erickson has been designated for assignment! Erickson was -0.1WARP, so I’m glad we picked a weaker player to DFA.

Bullpen, CF

Rainout today, let’s see what effect it has on the bullpen:

  • Rest: Farnsworth (one day)
  • Available: Smith, Erickson, Myers, Villone, Proctor, Rivera

Also for $13M, Johnny Damon plays at CF. Damon is a good outfielder and good leadoff hitter, which forcloses all but the final starting lineup position for ’07.