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Praedo Edge, Johnson (-1), Rivera

    The win by New York tonight puts them in a nice position, seven games up and a game above praedo. In the next three game series at home against the Royals, praedo calls for a sweep. The Yankees could do that, staying with the edge, or they could take the series without a sweep and still be even. A nice spot to be in.

    Randy Johnson started for New York tonight, he was (-1). Tommorow Mike Mussina gets the start.

    The focus tonight is the Yankees closer, Mariano Rivera. Rivera has a $10.5M club option, meaning he would have to be worth 5.3WARP to justify picking it up. As of right now, he has 1.9, easily on pace to meet that. Therefore, there seems to be no need to look at other options for closer, Rivera will almost surely remain with New York through 2007.