Et Cetera…

American League East Offense

(2) New York: 519
(4) Boston: 492
(9) Tampa: 458
(10) Toronto: 444
(12) Baltimore: 432

Commentary: The ranking remains largely unchanged, only a switch between Tampa and Toronto disturbs the peaceful ranks. New York and Boston continue to hit well, both providing powerful and elite offenses. Tampa is now a below average offense, but a promising one as covered in my last entry. Toronto and Baltimore really need to get a move on. A good start would be to fire their hitting coaches, especially in Baltimore’s case. 

American League East Defense

(1) Boston: 384
(T5) New York: 435
(T5) Baltimore: 435
(8) Toronto: 443
(14) Tampa: 573

Commentary: News from the defensive front in the form of ressurgent Baltimore run-prevention, tying New York for fifth in the American League. Boston continues to lead the league in run prevention, while Toronto continues to put along around average. Tampa is by far and away the worst defensive team, in dead last. Jim Hickey, pitching coach of Tampa Bay, should probably be fired at the end of this season. 

American League East Run Differentials, Letter Grades

Boston: +108, A+
New York: +84, A
Toronto: +1, C
Baltimore: -3, C
Tampa: -115, F

Commentary: Business as usual. New York and Boston remain elite teams in the American League. Toronto and Baltimore remain average teams with no postseason potential, and Tampa continues to distinguish itself as one of the truly worst teams in the American League. Andrew Friedman, General Manager of the Devil Rays, should also probably get the shaft for the continued failure of the team when the season comes to an end.

American League East Playoff Chances

(1) Boston: 81%

(2) New York: 18%

Commentary: Boston’s lead in the AL-East shrinks slightly, but their percentage remains strong. New York has just under a 20% chance of catching Boston, which seems surprising given Boston’s incredibly strong run prevention and large lead. The Wild-Card race continues to be between six teams, with a full half of the stock carried by the two leaders: Cleveland and Detroit. Seattle, Minnesota, New York and Anaheim are the other teams with good chances. One has to wonder whether Joe Torre’s job is in question given the poor performance of the Yankees compared to their differential.

(1) Cleveland: 34%
(2) Detroit: 20%
(3) Seattle: 12%
(4) Minnesota: 12%
(5) New York: 9%
(6) Anaheim: 8%


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