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American League East Offense

(T2) New York: 396
(6) Boston: 370
(8) Tampa: 352
(9) Toronto: 349
(11) Baltimore: 328

Commentary: Offense continues to stabilize in the AL-East, with the latter three teams holding ground. New York stays at second behind the balanced Detroit offense, but it now ties with the upcoming Cleveland team. Boston’s offense lags, however, the only real change, falling to sixth in the American League. 

American League East Defense

(2) Boston: 286
(5) New York: 329
(6) Baltimore: 335
(7) Toronto: 338
(14) Tampa: 438

Commentary: New York continues to play well, now moving into fifth place in the defensive standings. Boston continues to hold at second, above the rest of the American League but not able to compete with the run prevention of Oakland. Baltimore and Toronto stay toward the middle of the pack  while Tampa drops back into last place. 

American League East Run Differentials, Letter Grades

Boston: +84, A+
New York: +67, A
Toronto: +11, C+
Baltimore: -7, C
Tampa: -86, F

Commentary: Boston continues to play the best baseball in the division, but New York is ascending rapidly and now earns an A grade for their play thus far. Toronto is trying to make a good season out of things, while Baltimore continues to play averagely in a very difficult division. Tampa Bay is just hopeless.

American League East Playoff Chances

(1) Boston: 92%

(2) New York: 40%

Commentary: As last week, only Boston and New York have real chances. While New York stays strong at fourty, Boston increases their lead through Stare Decisis. Wild Card leaders are as follows:

(1) New York: 25%
(2) Cleveland: 19%
(3) Detroit: 15%
(4) Oakland: 14%
(5) Minnesota: 7%
(6) Boston: 7%


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