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American League East Offense

(2) New York: 346
(4) Boston: 325
(8) Tampa: 308
(9) Toronto: 289
(11) Baltimore: 280

Commentary: New York again retakes the lead in the AL East, passing Boston. Still, New York lags behind Detroit for the American League lead, and the distance is considerable. Tampa plays well and forges a new spot at third in the AL East, while Toronto and Baltimore continue their cyclical tango. Detroit has a great offense this year, without Neifi Perez they would be truly phenomenal. The Tampa offense is also worth highlighting as a talented group of young players continue to hit well. 

American League East Defense

(2) Boston: 244
(4) Baltimore: 278
(T6) Toronto: 292
(T6) New York: 292
(13) Tampa: 368

Commentary: A good week for the AL East. Boston maintains it’s elite spot, while New York and Toronto improve toward a heat for sixth. Baltimore stays strong at fourth, and Tampa even manages to pass Texas and avoid the dubious distinction of having the worst run prevention in the American League. Oakland looks just unpassable in terms of run prevention this season, but Boston is still doing an excellent job. 

American League East Run Differentials, Letter Grades

Boston: +81, A+
New York: +54, A-
Baltimore: +2, C
Toronto: -3, C-
Tampa: -60, F

Commentary: Tampa and Boston continue to play as expected. Baltimore holds steady in the C range. Meanwhile Toronto edges into passing territory and New York shoots from a C to an A- in the grasp of a seven-game winning streak. This is the first time New York has been in the A range since the beginning of the season. New York looks like it might be in a position to put up a much better postseason fight.

American League East Playoff Chances

(1) Boston: 87%

(2) New York: 40%

Commentary: It’s down to a two-team race in the AL East. Boston continues to dominate, but a resurgent New York team is very much in the mix. Competing for the Wild Card: Detroit (57%), Oakland (30%), Seattle
(26%), Minnesota (19%). Chicago has dropped out of serious contention. In other words, we have a two-team race in the East and a five-team race in the American League. It should go down to the wire.



  1. Michael

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and was wondering if I might inquire as to how you find or calculate some of your stats?
    Is there, for example, a website where some of these numbers can be found?

    I would be curious to see a list from worst to first of all of them teams in relation to where the stand in run prevention and run differentials?

  2. Aidan

    ESPN will list statistics for team runs scored and teams runs allowed. Run differentials are just the former minus the latter. Letter grades follow a formula of my design, and postseason percentages are from the Baseball Prospectus odds report.

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