Chien-Min Wang, Injury Reports

The Yankees move now to Boston, where Praedo calls for 1/3, securing a +5 record (25-20) returning home. Chien-Min Wang faces Curt Schilling.

Speaking of Chien-Min Wang, he has been worth $3M for the Yankees, a refreshingly potent pitcher under the club’s control for the next several years. With Chacon having just been moved to the 15-Day Disabled List (his spot in the rotation currently will be filled by Aaron Small, who pitched acceptably tonight) and Johnson struggling, Wang is the number two starter on this team (behind only Mike Mussina). Good to have some security in the rotation, as Wang is just 26.

Gary Sheffield, on the 15-Day disabled list with a sore wrist, is making steady progress and could be activated as soon as next week. Activation would amp up the lineup without costing the Yankees defensively, as Bernie Williams would move back into the DH/Bench role. Cabrera would continue to get the start in Left-Field.


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